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Raimund Winter

My ancestors are almost exclusively from the area around Rheine in Westphalia. As I have now been living for nearly a generation in the most southwestern corner of Germany I have been dependent on fellow researchers. The data on the following surname pages are a result of their work.
To name just a few:
Franz Winter
Herbert Juling  and his Homepage
Ludwig Wissing
Most of the others I just know through their results not in person.


There is also a special Emigrants page available.
There are not that many of them, only about 1% of all my ancestors and relatives.
I finally have a page ready with a short description of my  books about emigration


And then of course there is my family tree, though I can not imagine why somebody else would be interested. It is pure text and best viewed with a monospaced script.

Special Projects

From time to time I manage to get a special project on the way. This time it was the "Steinke History: from Voltlage to Ohio".
(It is available as a PDF for the members of the clan)

An overview of just the names in The Steinke History itself and a compilation of names and dates

The lost child of Rheine

While working on the Steinke history I read about a settlement called "Rhine". It was said that it was called after the river Rhine in Germany. But I wondered whether it might be named after my home town Rheine. So I decided to research further and publish the results under "The lost child of Rheine".

Another small project was the story and some information about the

SUTCLIFFEs in Yorkshire.

Some time ago Mindy McStroul contacted me about my
connection and I decided to put the results onto the web (but to see details you need a password).

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